Girls, Here Is The Right Way Of Using Sanitary Pads. You Have Been Using Them Wrong!

Applying sanitary pads is even a topic worth discussing? Most of us just shy away and ignore the talks about our reproductive health, genitals, and sex and keep learning things from all the wrong sources.

 Not everything in our life is worth discussing. But there are certain things that we don’t feel comfortable in opening up with others. Especially when it comes to our genitalia and reproductive parts, this subject becomes even more of a taboo. But wait- we have to talk about it, or else we might never know what we are doing wrong throughout our life.One of such ‘taboo’ subjects is the menstrual cycle. Periods are a normal and natural part of any girl’s life. And still, people refrain from talking about it without having a cringe on their face. Every young girl experiences her first period sometime during her pubescent years, typically between the ages of 11-13.

Periods are nothing to be ashamed of and learning as much as you can ahead of time helps.
Like, without discussing it, we’d never know how the sanitary pads are supposed to be used. So, let’s take one for learning today.

1. Varieties of Sanitary Pads.

There are so many types of sanitary napkins available in the market. Some are standard front-to-back pads while others have wings that wrap around your undies to stay securely in place and avoid side leakage. They all come with adhesive backing.

2. Placement of Sanitary Pads.

Most of the girls place the sanitary napkin too far back and experience leakage. Place the front of the sanitary napkin closer to the vulva for maximum protection

3. Positioning.

Remove the strip from the adhesive backing of the pad and press the pad firmly onto the surface of your underwear. If you are using wings, then press the wings underneath the sides of the crotch of your panties to keep it firmly in place.

4. While Wearing Thongs.

If you wear a thong underwear, make sure that the thicker part of the pad is to the front while the tapered part is facing the back towards the fabric.

5. Check It.

To see if it is a good fit and securely in place, pull up your panties and see if the pad is covering you from front to back. Make sure the coverage is maximum at your vaginal opening.

6. Change It On Proper Time.

Check your sanitary napkin every two hours to see if you need to change it. You will know if it needs changing if it is heavily soiled.

7. Trashing Out The Used Sanitary Pad.

When you remove your sanitary pad, roll it up like the way you found it when you first opened it. Wrap it in the liner of the new sanitary napkin and dispose of it in the trash can.

8. Some Extra Tips.

Don’t go more than a few hours in between changes. After every 4 to 8 hours, sanitary pads have to be changed to avoid it from getting over soaked. It’s important to stay healthy. Never flush sanitary pads into the toilet, and wash hands thoroughly after changing.