Her Brother Died in a Car Accident. 10 Years Later Her Mom and Dad Tell Her a Secret on Her Birthday (VIDEO)

The prior night Monique Salinas’ quinceañera, the youngster admitted an incomprehensible wish to her mom, Melissa Hernandez, that her sibling, Mikey, could be at her birthday party.

Unfortunately, Mikey had passed away in a fender bender 10 years prior.

“I said to her, ‘I know. Be that as it may, in his own specific manner, he will be,'” said Hernandez.

Little did Salinas realize that Hernandez had masterminded Aubrey Reeves, the 18-year-old who had gotten Mikey’s heart and kidneys in a despite seemingly insurmountable opposition twofold transplant, to amaze Salinas at the gathering. The two would meet interestingly.

knew Monique was presumably going to be exceptionally passionate, extremely energized, and somewhat pitiful,” said Reeves, who drove 10 hours from Wichita Falls to Benavides, Texas, for the event. “It’s not her sibling, it’s another person. Yet, I realized that it was a better than average thing for us to meet.”

Since Hernandez was tied up with arrangements, the principal she saw of Reeves was at the gathering, where Reeves was sitting tight outside for the huge uncover. “I felt an association with her immediately,” said Hernandez. She promptly grasped Reeves, then twisted down to listen to the heart — her child’s — as yet pulsating in Reeves’ mid-section.

“For giver families to meet, it must be a common thing. You can pick not to know the individual,” clarified Hernandez. “Following 10 years, I felt the time had come. I had settled on an extreme decision as a guardian … Seeing Aubrey, I knew I had made the best choice.”

Salinas and Reeves shared their own particular profoundly passionate get-together a couple of minutes after the fact. “Meeting Aubrey resembled no other shock,” said the 15-year-old. “It was an exceptionally unique and stunning blessing that nobody else could give me. I knew I couldn’t have my sibling there physically, however I had Aubrey, and he was there in her.”

The two families ate the next day, and were shocked to discover the amount Reeves and Mikey had in like manner.”

“Relatives at the gathering had come up to converse with me about what sort of child he was,” said Reeves. “I had seen an identity changes as a part of my identity after my operation, and the more I heard … this is not unplanned. He cherished mutts, I adore pooches. He adored Batman, I cherish Batman.

“This is the immaculate similarity of having this heart.”

“She was exceptionally fun and active,” said Salinas. “She helped me such a great amount to remember my younger sibling.”

“Their chuckles are indistinguishable,” included Hernandez. “They even have same most loved sustenances.”

It was a dreamlike affair for all included, and the two young ladies plan to stay in touch.

“I’m just so appreciative they met,” said Hernandez. “It was a lowering minute … to know there was a reason to every one of this.”