This Girl Has Been Dead for 500 Years: What the Scientists Have Found Will Leave you Shocked (Video)

As of late, researchers found coca leaf in the middle of the teeth of a mummy. This recommends how she was slaughtered.

A mummy of a 15-year old young lady, who was solidified for a long time, was found in 1999 in Argentina. Despite the fact that it has been reasoned that this present young lady’s body was inert for five centuries, when she was discovered her body was flawlessly saved. As indicated by some remote media, she was picked as a give up to the divine beings for religious reasons.

There is a conviction that in the early ages in Argentina, youngsters were taken to the high peaks, were sustained with coca leaves and after achieving the entombment site, the kids were given an inebriating drink.

It is believed that this girl called “The Maiden” was killed in this way. Watch the video: